Upcoming Webinar: Partnership through Education

Upcoming Webinar: Partnership through Education

Want to elevate your well-being and mental health on Remote Area Contracts? Curious about real life case studies and the challenges of remote settings? Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by SustainHealth & CRANAplus on May 15th at 18:00. Explore the latest insights and strategies to support Remote Health Care Nurses!

What to expect:
With this exciting collaboration, CRANAplus’ amazing Mental Health and wellbeing educator Laura Berry and our very own Recruitment Consultant Liam Felloni explore the following key topics:

1. In-depth Learning: Understand the intricacies of conflict management and fostering wellbeing in remote healthcare environments.
2. Receive Expert Insight: Tap into Laura Berry’s firsthand knowledge as she explores the intricacies of remote area nursing and mental healthcare.
3. Access Practical Approaches: Arm yourself with practical tactics to tackle the distinct obstacles of remote work settings
4. Prioritise Your Well-being: Discover ways to prioritise yourself and your well-being above all else.

Dive into comprehensive learning with expert insights from Laura Berry, equipping you with practical approaches to prioritize your well-being and tackle the unique challenges of remote healthcare and work environments across Australia.

Your Takeaways:
By participating in this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the nuanced aspects of remote healthcare. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to create a positive impact on mental health in remote communities.

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