SustainHealth are deliberate about delivering high calibre recruitment solutions to every customer. We go the extra mile to ensure that excellent service and value reaches every corner of Australia’s health and wellbeing communities.


Connection, collaboration and teamwork uphold our high performing and results driven culture. At SustainHealth we promote and encourage a flexible, healthy and balanced approach to work. We support personal and professional growth and like to give back to the communities we support near and far.


We believe in sustainable relationships that are built on integrity, trust and accountability. We value compassion, diversity and inclusivity. Our staff, candidates, and clients all celebrate individuality. We listen and work as a team to deliver excellence in customer care. Feedback and positive communication are the key to our growth, our success and above all, our sustainability.

Our Specialist Divisions

To find the best talent or new position in the health and wellbeing industry, you need specialist support. At SustainHealth, all of our consultants operate in individual niche divisions and are perfectly positioned in the market to advise and consult with you to find your perfect match across out 6 specific markets.

Nursing and Midwifery

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  • Midwifery Services
  • General Nursing Services
  • RAN
  • Mental Health
  • Acute Medical and Surgical Care
  • Community Health
  • Forensic Care
  • Critical and Coronary Care
  • Perioperative
  • Services Senior Level Health Management
  • Child and Family Health
Allied Health

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  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Speech Pathology
  • Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Audiology
  • Dentistry
Social Work and Psychology

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  • Psychologists
  • Case Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Counsellors
  • Case Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Foster and Out of Home Care Support
  • Child Protection
  • Family Therapists
Social Care and Disability Support

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  • Disability Support
  • Complex Care and Home Care
  • Youth Work and Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Care Coordinators and Directors
  • Community Care
  • PCA Support
Aged Care

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  • Care Managers
  • ACFI Managers
  • Facility managers
  • Clinical Care coordinators
  • AIN’S
  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Support workers
  • Social Work and Psychology Services
  • Executive Management Roles
Medical Imaging

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  • Radiologists
  • Radiographers
  • Sonographers
  • Cardiac Sonographer
  • Echocardiographer
  • Senior Managers
  • Nuclear Medicine Specialists

Meet Our Team


Kay Reynoldson

Founder and Director

After graduating with a BA in Childhood and Youth Psychology in 2009, Kay migrated to Sydney and fell in love with the world of health and wellbeing recruitment. Having started out as a trainee in the industry, Kay not only became an exceptional biller, but also had the opportunity to progress her career to senior leadership level.

Having gained invaluable industry experience over the past 6 years, Kay was in a position to create a brand with purpose and so, SustainHealth was born!

It’s Kay’s vision to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Australian communities near and far, alongside her dedication to building and creating sustainable partnerships that bring SustainHealth’s values to life.

When Kay is not busy in the office with our amazing SustainHealth squad, she loves to travel overseas and explore everything that the beautiful city of Sydney has to offer.

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AoifeW LI

Aoife Waters

Recruitment Business Manager

After completing a BA degree and an MA degree, Aoife started her career in Healthcare recruitment over six years ago and has never looked back. She has extensive experience in recruiting AIN’s, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Social Care Workers, and support staff. Aoife believes in supplying a wholesome experience to her customers and will be the sole contact for these types of roles within the Aged Care space.

With experience in managing national contracts, coordinating between over 500 locations and supplying reliable and consistent hours for over 2,000 temporary workers (across 4 disciplines) it is fair to say that Aoife has a proven ability to recruit and deliver safe, compliant, caring staff, and she is excited to bring her experience to Australia. It is Aoife’s ambition to become embedded in Australia’s growing investment in Aged Care, motivated to be known as ‘approachable, consistent, reliable, and high performing’ in everything she does within this space. Driven to create a sense of ‘partnership’ between customers and Agencies. When dealing within the vulnerable sector, there is nothing more important than us working together and delivering what is needed, when it is needed, to the highest standards.

When Aoife is not busy in the office, she loves catching up with family and friends, doing something randomly nice to put a smile on someone’s face (what a great feeling), and getting outside to experience what Australia has to offer.

Contact Details

02 8274 4618

Katie D

Katie Doyle

Sales Manager | Nursing and Midwifery

After graduating with a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Liverpool, Katie found herself working for the National Health Service (NHS) in London. Where she managed to grow and prosper into an Operational Management role within cancer services.

Katie then embarked on a journey through South America, before arriving and settling in Australia, where she has gained invaluable experience in the healthcare recruitment industry over the past 3.5 years.

Katie joined SustainHealth Recruitment as the Team Manager for Nursing & Midwifery and Compliance and have recently been promoted to the Sales Manager for Nursing and Midwifery managing all states.

When Katie Is not busy building and supporting her team, she loves to travel and enjoys spending time with friends

Contact Details

0415 319 530


Rebecca Hall

Team Leader | Nursing and Midwifery | VIC & SA

Having gained a Masters in Dance Performance in London, Rebecca has always had a passion for movement, heath and wellness.

She spent the last 4 years in the health and fitness industry coaching, personal training, dance teaching and competing in the sport of olympic weightlifting in New Zealand and Australia. She was fortunate enough to work with a range of people building authentic relationships and helping clients successfully find balance in their work, training and social life.

Being new to the recruitment industry Rebecca is extremely motivated, with a keen passion for people, organisation, management and lot of experience connecting with others.

When she is not busy at Sustain HQ, Rebecca likes to spend her spare time socialising with friends, learning new skills like skateboarding, playing guitar and going to the beach on any of Sydney’s wonderful sunny days!

Contact Details

0415 093 805

viki photo

Viki Villa

Executive Assistant to the Director | Marketing and Branding Ambassador

Viki has an extensive 11-years experience in the business process outsourcing industry as a training manager and was part of the training and development teams for a number of International global brands. Having been one of the hiring managers for a national healthcare business in the United States, she was responsible for managing the training and compliance of the organisation across 3 sites. Accountable for the creation of business processes, the implementation helped the organisation be fully compliant across both internal and external frameworks.

She started her journey with SustainHealth as a Compliance Consultant and has proven herself as a motivated and hardworking member of the team. Viki now works closely with our Director as an Executive Assistant and the company’s Marketing and Branding Ambassador. When Viki is not supporting the entire SH Team, she enjoys working as a photographer covering events and weddings. Viki is also passionate about cooking and is always eager to try new dishes!

Contact Details

02 8091 0656

Guido SH

Guido De Vito

Recruitment Consultant | Nursing and Midwifery | NSW

Guido has worked in Customer Service and Sales for over 12 years with a number of roles and progressed his way into management positions. He has classified himself as a people person and is always willing to go the extra mile for his candidates and clients. He is very positive and motivated and likes to think it rubs off on other members in the workplace.

He believes that everyone deserves to receive the best health care treatment possible, especially in the world today.

Moved to Australia in 2019 to search for a better way of life. Worked in Melbourne and Queensland and has now settled permanently in Sydney.

Guido loves sports, growing up in a sporting family and when he is not busy at work he loves going outdoors to be fit. He likes travelling and seeing as much of Australia as possible, love socialising and spending time with friends.

Contact Details

0415 066 418

Angel BW

Angel Vojvoda

Senior Recruitment Consultant | Nursing and Midwifery | NSW, ACT & TAS

Angel graduated with her Degree in Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting last June 2021. She started to pursue her career in Recruitment and found a new love for the industry. Having started as a Recruitment Officer before she graduated last March, Angel developed her People skills and her natural talent in recruitment.

She is very committed to growing her skills and expanding her knowledge to truly gain mastery of all the different facets in the Health care industry and recruitment. She is supporting our Nursing and Midwifery Western Australia and Northern Territory desk. Angel has a good eye for hiring people and has meticulous skills on details in aligning their skills and experiences on the positions.

During her free time, she loves to travel and adventure the beautiful sceneries of Sydney. Angel is also passionate about singing and performing. She was a singing teacher and very passionate to pursue her career in Music as well.

Contact Details

0415 319 515


Zhari Lopez

Compliance Officer | Nursing and Midwifery

After graduating with a BA in Communication and Media Studies, Zhari worked in an events management company for more than a year. In this role, she enjoyed creating solutions and delivering the best customer experience possible.

Zhari is a generous and caring  soul, and is passionate about the world of health and wellbeing recruitment. Zhari is  dedicated to making a difference in service delivery in her new role as a Compliance Consultant at SustainHealth HQ.

Contact Details

02 8091 3902

Maribes Plaza

Maribes Plaza

Compliance Officer | Nursing and Midwifery

After working in Logistics and Business Process Outsourcing industry for more than 7 years, Bes got fascinated with the Healthcare field. Her sense of idealism and integrity drew her to work with SustainHealth Recruitment, where she could help aspiring individuals.

Both passionate and self-driven, Bes will do her bes(t) to provide excellent service together with SustainHealth’s core values.

Bes loves anything about nature and art. She enjoys spending most of her free time staying at home, in a cafe, and on the beach.

Contact Details

02 8091 3902


Joyce Lugay

Compliance Officer | Aged Care

Joyce is a Nursing graduate who fell in love with the Healthcare Industry. She is always been passionate about helping, caring, and showing compassion to her clients. Experienced in both sales and customer service for 9 years, Joyce is a highly motivated individual who loves to influence her positivity at work and to the people, she is working with. She found her purpose and strongly believes customers deserve to experience a “Best-in-Class” service and Joyce is committed to putting job seekers at the centre of everything she does.

Before joining SustainHealth Recruitment, Joyce provided solutions to clients offering a broad range of insurance and comprehensive health insurance products that would suit their needs. She believes that everyone deserves to receive the best health care treatment, and have the luxury to not worry about hospital expenses so that they can focus on recovery and rehabilitation. She is now stepping into healthcare recruitment in order to deliver the best healthcare professionals to services in need. Now, an integral part of the SustainHealth Recruitment team, Joyce is eager to strive and focus on delivering a “Consistent, Reliable, Approachable, and High performing” recruitment service to the health care system within Australia.

When Joyce is not busy in the office she loves to travel, catching up with friends and spending time with her son.

Contact Details

02 8091 0656