SustainHealth: What is it like to work for a company that values their employees?

SustainHealth: What is it like to work for a company that values their employees?

What is it like to work for a company that values their employees?

Excellent pay – a given. Excellent flexibility, Team building days, supportive Leadership & management team, inspiring visions, and recognition given. Right???

SustainHealth are always striving to ‘do better’, to ‘be better’. But last week they just did something I am beyond grateful for.

This was my first year to step into Leadership. The week we confirmed my promotion last year, NSW announced its lockdown. A scary step filled with the unknown.

‘Would I develop? Am I up for the challenge? Can I support my team? Will I hit my set objectives?’.

Though SustainHealth supported the challenges, training needs, and provided solutions to my first challenges seen, it’s my partner, like so many people, that I relied on for moral support. My partner listened to me when I got home, cooked dinners when I was too tired, and did the cleaning when I needed a walk. Come on, partners do a lot.

At SustainHealth, we regularly enjoy team activities and incentives to celebrate our achievements. (If we don’t celebrate them, who will). But Thursday night went one step further to treat not only the Leadership Team but to treat our partners too. SustainHealth recognised the support they indirectly receive to the business from those supporting us at home in the background. To me, that is next level. It’s something I am beyond words in describing how much I and my partner appreciated this.

It is wonderful to be a part of the Leadership Team at SustainHealth Recruitment, it is easy to enjoy the role when we genuinely believe in the work we do, the colleagues we work with and the company we work for. It is even more reassuring to know that the company believes in and values each and every one of us.

We went to Nel. Restaurant, a 2-chef hat restaurant in Sydney where the head chef, Nelly has been voted #228 of the top 300 chefs in the world. After my experience, I highly recommend this if you would like to try incredible food and be entertained by their themed menu. The theme of the night was ‘A night in Broadway’.

The dishes below were named; Book of Jesus Christ, Is this your wand?, Frosty’s Diner, Hakuna Matata, Masquerade, French Revolution, Please sir can I have some more, Don’t Cry for me Argentina, Wicked Witches, Milk and Kibble, L’amour. Can you guess the Broadway show related to each dish? (Answers at the bottom)











Everything on offer was absolutely delicious and accompanied with a perfect wine paring. There was a Broadway soundtrack on in the background and the wait staff even managed to serve our dish while the accompanying song to the musical was on twice.

It is an absolute pleasure to work for SustainHealth Recruitment and be thanked for the work that we do. But to include our loved ones to see how valued we are, makes us even more proud to be part of this company. It only drives us to do better and work harder for the company that provides us with such opportunities.

We are part of the SustainHealth family but incredible to see how far the word ‘family’ stretches.

(Aoife Waters, Katie Doyle, and Amanda Quinn with their partners, Matt, Andrew, and Liam)


***Spoiler Alert***

Here are the answers to the above Boradway-themed dishes!

Book of Jesus Christ – Book of Morman

Is this your wand? – Harry Potter

Frosty’s Diner – Greece

Hakuna Matata – Lion King

Masquerade – Phantom of the Opera

French Revolution – Hamilton

Please sir can I have some more – Oliver Twist

Don’t Cry for me Argentina – Evita

Wicked Witches – Wicked

Milk and Kibble – Cats

L’amour – Moulin Rouge


Written By:

Amanda Quinn

Team Leader | Nursing and Midwifery West | NT, SA and WA



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