International Nurses Day 2024 – Celebrating Our Nurses, Shaping Our Future with SustainHealth Recruitment

International Nurses Day 2024 – Celebrating Our Nurses, Shaping Our Future with SustainHealth Recruitment

International Nurses Day, celebrated today, May 12th, is a day to honour the commitment and care that nurses around the world provide every day. This year, we at SustainHealth Recruitment join the global community in recognising the theme “Our Nurses. Our Future. The Economic Power of Care.”


Nurses are not just at the heart of patient care—they are the economic engines in the healthcare system. Their expertise and compassion save lives and drive the efficiency of our medical institutions. This International Nurses Day, we reflect on how strategic investments in nursing can lead to economic growth and improved health outcomes.

At SustainHealth Recruitment, we understand the critical role nurses play in healthcare. We are dedicated to connecting the best nursing talent with communities across Australia, especially in rural, regional, and remote areas, as well as metropolitan and CBD sites. Our mission aligns with this year’s theme, as we strive to support the economic power of care through thoughtful recruitment.


Empowering Nurses: We believe in empowering nurses with opportunities that enhance their careers and allow them to make significant contributions to healthcare. Our range of permanent, fixed-term, and locum opportunities across specialist divisions provides nurses with the flexibility and diversity they seek in their professional lives.

Advocacy for Investment: SustainHealth Recruitment advocates for better investment in nursing education, jobs, and leadership. We understand that supporting nurses not only improves patient care but also contributes to a stronger economy and a more resilient society.

Share Your Story: Are you a nurse who has found your calling through SustainHealth Recruitment? Share your story with us, and let’s inspire others this International Nurses Day. Your journey could motivate many more to join the nursing profession.

Celebrate with Us: We invite you to celebrate International Nurses Day with SustainHealth Recruitment. Let’s come together to appreciate the nurses who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.


As we annually support International Nurses Day, SustainHealth Recruitment remain steadfast in our commitment to the nursing community, to recruit with heart.