SustainHealth: My first 6 weeks with SustainHealth Recruitment

SustainHealth: My first 6 weeks with SustainHealth Recruitment

From Wales to Australia, how I went from living out of a rucksack for 5 months across Southeast Asia, worrying about nothing other than my next destination to becoming an Account Manager at SustainHealth Recruitment. Here is a glimpse into my first 6 weeks with SustainHealth.

As Sydney’s summer looms close, I have been fortunate enough to begin a new recruitment role in unchartered territory. Did I ever think after graduating from university with a master’s in International Security, I would be working in healthcare recruitment? Probably not. That said, I had always endeavoured to find a job that is both mentally stimulating and cognitively fulfilling. A role where I would be given the opportunity to build a repour with clients in an environment where I could laisse with dynamic, driven, and like-minded people. With that in mind, I can quite confidently say that at its core, I have found this with SustainHealth.

Starting a new job, especially one overseas can be both overwhelming and daunting even at the best of times. Like many other people who have decided to embark on the voyage from the UK, my experience was no different. You can watch all the YouTube videos you like and listen to as many podcasts as you want in preparation for new beginnings, but nothing can really prepare you for the nuanced challenges that come with setting up a new life in Australia. Bearing this in mind, I dove nose-deep into an industry I was not familiar with. Needless to say, I was both sceptical and apprehensive, but the quest for new prospects and challenges excited me.

So, with no recruitment experience, no medical background and with no idea of what I was getting myself in for – how has it been working in recruitment with SustainHealth?

6 weeks have now passed and quite frankly, I have found myself immersed in a company that is rich in culture and success; I couldn’t be happier. There are many elements of my new job that have contributed to this happiness. One is that my accounts manager role is rewarding. The reason for this is that there is a candidate shortage within the healthcare industry across Australia at the moment. In a post-pandemic society where the demand for healthcare workers is unprecedented; the dopamine hit of placing candidates who are improving Australia’s battered and bruised health care system is unparallel. It is an exciting opportunity to be able to recruit nurses and midwives into hospitals where they will care for and improve the lives of many Australian Citizens.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe I would not have progressed to the level I have without the support of SustainHealth Recruitment. From the welcome, to the onboarding and to the training, I have been given an incredible amount of support during my first 6 weeks. Yes, the expectations of building client relationships, hitting targets and ensuring KPIs are met is challenging. That said, SustainHealth have provided the support and guidance necessary to hit the ground running. From SustainHealth’s detailed approach to training to their quest for elite customer satisfaction, it is safe to say I have been trained from all angles. This is evident as I successfully placed 2 candidates in my second week of servicing or account management. Beginner’s luck? I think so.

Regardless, the endorphin rush of placing my first candidate will be one to be remembered. The feeling of knowing that you have helped someone further their career in addition to having helped a client find someone that will help and improve their business is addicting. Is the climb worth the view? So far it has been.

Moreover, at SustainHealth, your ‘wins’ as we like to call it don’t go unnoticed. Whether you have been here for 6 weeks like myself or 3+ years like many others, all accomplishments are celebrated. This became apparent as I found myself being invited to an end-of-quarter black tie event, on a boat roaming the Sydney Harbour with authentic backdrops of the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour bridge.

SustainHealth is a rewarding company to work for. The office environment is fun, charismatic, and motivating. Everyone is driven, hardworking and successful yet undeniable humble, happy, and helpful. There is great support from the managerial team to help everyone get to where they need to be. We are not micro-managed which gives us the flexibility to learn and develop individually. Our achievements are publicly celebrated, and everyone gets in on our wins. Whether it is being gifted a $50 voucher for signing new clients, or whether it is being offered smashed avocado on toast for making it through to a Friday – you are constantly appreciated.

I am excited for the road ahead. As I continue to find my feet in Sydney, I am looking forward to being part of a team that is continuing to scale and grow. I hope to master the complicated art of recruitment as I hopefully pave the way for more success in the foreseeable.



Written By:

Liam Felloni

Account Manager | Nursing and Midwifery | Queensland



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