SustainHealth: International Women’s Day. We are for Women!

SustainHealth: International Women’s Day. We are for Women!

Women are Well Represented in Healthcare, Just Not at the Top!

At SustainHealth Recruitment, we work across various health and wellbeing industries where women are generally well represented. We are proud to work directly with and engage with women on a daily basis to empower them to achieve their best in their workplaces and their lives.
SustainHealth Recruitment is currently an all-female team lead by our director and founder, Kay Reynoldson, who is passionate about women lead businesses and women in health.
Whilst healthcare does have wide ranging female representation, a trend that we at SustainHealth have recognised in the health and wellbeing sector is the challenge of women being underrepresented in leadership positions across Australia.
Our team are passionate and focused on advocating for change and increasing awareness around this matter, with the hope of influencing positive change in the market.

Our Favourite Books:

These are books that inspire and energise our team, clients and candidates and we wanted to share them with you in honour of IWD.
Outback Midwife by Beth McRae
Dare to Lead by Brené Brown
Honourable Healers: Pioneering Women Doctors by Dr Merrilyn Murnane
Nurses of Australia by Deborah Burrows
Reaching for Health: The Australian women’s health movement and public policy by Gwendolyn Gray Jamieson


Recent News on Women in Health
Check out the below recent publications, media and scholarly articles about Women in Health.
Trish Joyce from Health ECareers explores the question; “Does Healthcare Have a Gender Problem?” Her opening lines are: “Women are everywhere in healthcare, except at the top. But despite the fact that women outnumber men in the healthcare workforce by 3 to 1, they represent only 1 in 5 executives and board members at Fortune 500 healthcare companies. In fact, of the 125 women who carry an executive title, there’s just one single woman CEO.”
Nicole Fisher is the founder and President of Health & Human Rights Strategies, a health care and human rights-focused advising firm in Washington, D.C. She is also a health policy advisor on Capitol Hill and expert on healthinnovation, technology, and brain health. Nicole Fisher in Forbes talks about the leadership; “It’s been well noted that women are the primary decision makers when it comes to health and care decisions in the U.S. However, in 2018 they are still greatly underrepresented in health care leadership.”


SustainHealth Charities
SustainHealth’s motto is “Recruitment with Heart”. We love giving back as an organisation and we engage with charities that support people in remote health and mental health across our communities and give women access to sanitary products.


The Black Dog Institute is SustainHealth’s main charity partner for 2019. The Black Dog Institute is known as a world-leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder. The Black Dog Institute was founded in 2002 and is known to be a pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness, and the promotion of wellbeing. They are positive about improving the lives of people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and suicide. Combining expertise in clinical management with cutting edge research and evidence-based education and training, Black Dog rapidly translates quality research into life-saving clinical practice and public health policy.

At SustainHealth, we place health and wellbeing professionals into remote and isolated communities on a daily basis. As a business we are keen to ensure that each of our remote candidates are aware of the support services available to them. A lot of these professionals are women and CRANAplus supports all workers creating a service for all. The CRANAplus Bush Support Service offer free, confidential online and telephone counselling to all rural and remote clinicians and their families 24/7. CRANAplus exists to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality primary healthcare to remote and isolated areas of Australia. They are an affordable, grassroots, not-for profit, membership-based organisation that has provided over 30 years of education, support and professional services for the multi-disciplinary remote health workforce.

Share the Dignity is an Australian women’s charity focused on helping women who are experiencing domestic violence, homelessness or poverty throughout Australia. SustainHealth for multiple years have partnered with Share the Dignity #itsinthebag campaign and last year our amazing team, clients and candidates kindly donated 33 goodie bags to women and girls in need. We all have the power to make life a little better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty by donating a handbag or wash bag full of essential items to the #itsinthebag collection. The festive season can be a difficult time for some, by donating these gifts, it is our way of giving back to those less fortunate at this time of year.

Final Word
SustainHealth is dedicated to working towards a fair and equitable healthcare workforce where women can have leadership positions and have clear career progression. SustainHealth works with many communities across Australia and we have a responsibility to make a change.

If you are looking for healthcare staff to help your team or are looking for a new role, do get in contact with us today to find out more.

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