SustainHealth: Celebrating International Nurses Day

SustainHealth: Celebrating International Nurses Day

In honour of International Nurses Day, let’s take time to celebrate all the good things that the nurses we work with do every day to support us through the hard times.

Nurses are amazing, they take care of us and put everyone else’s needs before their own on a daily basis. They have one of the hardest and rewarding jobs and no doubt, at some point we will need their care or expertise

A day really is not enough to celebrate and recognise all the amazing things that our nurses do when they arrive at work each day.

Here are 4 reasons why nurses are awesome and why you should celebrate International Nurses Day!

They sacrifice their weekend for us
Holidays and weekends usually mean the opposite for nurses. They don’t get to have time off for most holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Holidays often mean longer work hours and a heavy workload. Their job and their duty never stops.

They are selfless
Nurses typically work long 8 or 12 hours shifts and don’t usually get weekends/holidays off like the most of us. Despite their sacrifices and the stresses of work, nurses put their frustrations aside and focus their efforts on us, their patients. They truly are passionate, dedicated and selfless.

They are resilient 
Nurses are expert problem solvers. If you are not a nurse, you can learn a thing or two from them. They manage to get the job done even after long hours, work stress, and emotional patients. Despite all the chaos of a busy shift, nurses are always willing to lend a helping hand and ensure they do everything they can for their patients.

They are less recognised
Every nurse deserves to feel appreciated, supported and valued. International Nurses Day is one of the only times where they are recognised for their outstanding contributions. Doctors usually get most of the attention and get thanked for their services, but not all patients realise that nurses are the lifeline of the medical and healthcare industry.

Nurses are on the front line and will be there for you tirelessly every single day, put simply, we are lucky to have this global army of angles to care for us.

While there are many ways to show appreciation on this special day, thank a nurse today, it really will go a long way!