SustainHealth: ‘2022 The Year of Restoration’

SustainHealth: ‘2022 The Year of Restoration’

Coming out of 2021 and into 2022 I feel everyone is recovering from emotional and mental burnout. No doubt we took the holiday period to not do anything, spend precious time with loved ones, and finally switch off our brains.

Coming out of such a draining year and into a whole new one where (let’s be honest) anything can happen (which is equally frightening). I think it’s important to take it slow, not be setting mountains for ourselves and giving ourselves some credit because (cheers!) we all made it through 2021, a rollercoaster over a year.

Whilst we might have had 1 -2 weeks for downtime, no doubt there is still residual burnout looming as we “get back into it”.

Important takeaways I can think that helps feel more in control and help with the residual burnout.

  1. It’s ok to say no to things
  2. Fresh air and walks are lifesavers
  3. It’s ok to feel confused and opening up is important
  4. Laughing with friend’s goes a long way

These are some simple things that you can attend to daily or weekly and hope to feel fulfilled.

So perhaps it’s not about kickstarting 2022, setting goals, losing sight of them. It’s about a continuation of looking after yourself like the smaller things, restoring mental and emotional energy!

2022 may be the year of restoration …. And hopefully, travel again fully too…!


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Written by:

Rebecca hall

Recruitment Consultant | Nursing & Midwifery | Victoria | 0424703882