SustainHealth: That’s a Wrap 2020!

SustainHealth: That’s a Wrap 2020!

Is it weird to reflect on 2020 and think “what a year to remember”?

Last year we wrote, “We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings”, but I know it will be another exciting chapter for the SustainHealth team. Exciting it was, no day was the same, “Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward and savouring the journey.” Looking back on the year 2020, the word ‘Proud’ is top of the list. What a year we have all had, but specifically here in SustainHealth, though challenging, it has been a year of growth, development, and appreciation.

Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in July marked halfway through 2020. Starting off in January, as we all did with new year’s resolutions, excitement and motivation for what 2020 would bring, we didn’t expect a pandemic and certainly, I don’t think a plan was developed in ‘how to stay successful during a pandemic.’ Without a doubt, the safety of our team was first and foremost and in March we decided quite early to move to the work from home model, while still aspiring to work as a team and maintain that dynamic. With Team Quiz nights, Friday Chats, and Team huddles, we were able to maintain that connection we all craved while isolated and we were able to stay focused on our goals in 2020.

How our team adapted and committed to assisting the healthcare market in the most crucial time possible was inspiring and certainly set the pace for the rest of our year.

Me landing into Australia in March, deciding to stay when everyone seemed to be leaving who was in my situation. I fell in love with Australia and started to research companies and fast forward to May, when SustainHealth and I crossed paths and decided to Launch our new division in Aged Care. A challenge? Yes! in a market I didn’t know? For sure! But I was surrounded by belief, inspiration, motivation, and drive. And despite the challenges we believed we were different, and knew why we wanted to help Aged care, and we are doing it every day – standing out as “different” for the right reasons. Very excited going into 2021 to help more and more Aged Care Facilities.

In July we celebrated our 3rd Birthday. Seems silly to celebrate a birthday I am sure you think as you read this. But every year, we come together as a company and reflect on the fact that we are here, working in this company, and proud of our successes to date. This year we realized our ‘Principles’ which helped us to stay on track, certainly reminded us of our purpose throughout the rollercoaster of this year. Every year we see our start-up blossom and achieve more milestones but our success is driven by each and everyone on our team and will continue to be successful because we all show up every day, committed, motivated, aiming to be the solution to our industries problems. We aim to enrich people’s lives every day (including our own). We remember our purpose and our mission.

In August this year, our team headed off to celebrate our most successful quarter in the most challenging time was marked this year. But really, we were just returning from WFH, missed each other and it was fabulous to spend some quality time with these amazing women.

Not to forget, our most recent spoiling received in taking some time in Jervis Bay to reconnect and do some team building. Also, officially welcoming Lauren, Rachel, and Joyce to our growing team, getting to know each other, having a family meal, and playing Uno. A favourite moment of 2020.

Every year we try, but this year we worked extra hard. With COVID, so many companies, have not been as lucky as we have, with more and more people struggling financially. Share the Dignity is a charity SustainHealth has always supported but this year, we felt even more drawn to this charity to ensure those who have had a tough year might get a gift when they thought they wouldn’t.

And now, ramping up or ramping down toward Christmas (recruitment) reflecting on the year 2020, I have nothing but pride right now. Proud of the company I work for, the team I work with, the Healthcare workers we support and work with every day. The Year that changed my life!

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Written by:
Aoife Waters
Aged Care and Compliance Team Manager
02 8274 4618