SustainHealth: Supporting Rural & Remote Communities

SustainHealth: Supporting Rural & Remote Communities

As a healthcare recruitment business that places professionals in rural and remote communities across Australia on a daily basis, SustainHealth believe it’s our duty to support our friends, colleagues and clients who are currently struggling in drought-stricken townships across the country.

Unfortunately, Australia is currently experiencing the worst drought since the Millennium. As this natural disaster continues to destroy the livelihoods of our farmers and small business owners out bush, many country town residents are being forced to leave their communities as work dries up.

There are parts of New South Wales that have had the lowest rainfall on record, with less than 10mm of rain recorded in some areas in July. Farmers have been struggling to feed and water livestock, thus, the failing crops.

This problem is not limited to New South Wales as more than half of neighbouring Queensland are in drought and parts of Victoria and South Australia are also experiencing dry conditions which in turn have led to dozens of unseasonal bushfires across the nation.

The drought crisis highlights the importance of having solid infrastructure, services and support networks available to our disappearing rural and remote communities.

Over the coming months, the SustainHealth team pledge our support to the Buy a Bale and Rural Aid campaigns by raising awareness, funds and volunteering time to the communities we have the pleasure of partenering with on a daily basis.

We invite you to join us on this journey and watch your donations make a difference.

Thanks in advance to all who are able to support this cause, every donation counts. You can find out more about how you can get involved here. ??


Kay Reynoldson and the SustainHealth Team.