SustainHealth: Share the Dignity “It’s in the Bag” Campaign Journey 2023

SustainHealth: Share the Dignity “It’s in the Bag” Campaign Journey 2023

As the season of generosity unfolds, we are excited to bring you an update on SustainHealth Recruitment’s active participation in Share the Dignity’s “It’s in the Bag” campaign. Our team have been running around the Sydney CBD collecting donations of our bags and raising awareness for the It’s in the Bag campaign.

We are delighted to announce that, together, we have collected 44 bags, each filled with essential and comforting items for women in crisis. This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the overwhelming support and participation of everyone who joined us in this campaign. To each one of you, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

The bags we’ve collected are more than just items; they are gestures of kindness, solidarity, and support. They send a powerful message to women facing adversity that they are not alone and that there is a community that cares about them. With 44 bags collected, we have the potential to positively impact the lives of women, offering them comfort, dignity, and a moment of respite during challenging times.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank Martin Place pharmacy, amcal + express at Wynyard station, Priceline Pitt Street, and all the other pharmacies and supermarkets for their generosity and kind donations who have contributed to this campaign. Your generosity and willingness to stand in solidarity with women in need have made a significant impact. Whether you donated a bag, spread the word, or offered your support in any other way, you have played a crucial role in the success of this campaign.

While we celebrate our achievements in this campaign, we also recognize that the journey does not end here. The need for support continues, and we remain committed to standing alongside women in crisis.

We encourage everyone to stay engaged, stay compassionate, and continue to find ways to support and uplift those in need.

The “It’s in the Bag” campaign has once again reminded us of the power of community and the incredible impact we can make when we come together. SustainHealth Recruitment is proud to have been a part of this campaign, and we are inspired by the generosity and kindness shown by all who participated. Together, we have made a difference, and together, we will continue to support and empower women across Australia.

For more information about the amazing work that Share the Dignity do, check out their website out here: