SustainHealth Recruitment Turns Three!

SustainHealth Recruitment Turns Three!

Happy 3rd Birthday SustainHealth!

It’s an unfortunate fact that 70% of start-ups will fail, 1/3 in their first year and another 1/3 in year two or three of the business opening.

SustainHealth has not only reached the ever-critical 3-year mark but has done so with huge success!!

To say it has been easy would be a lie, I’m sure everyone who has been part of the process would agree but to take a snapshot in time on our 3-year birthday things have never looked better for SustainHealth. With a vast array of amazing clients providing critical healthcare services across Australia, an inspirational team of skilled and adventurous nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and age care workers who are willing to take on all the challenges we have in store for them and a great team of staff inside SH HQ who are dedicated, hardworking and love working for SustainHealth (so much so one of our ladies just got a SustainHealth Heart tattoo). With these three key components, we can only see successes growing for SustainHealth in years to come.

We have so many achievements from the past three years, to list only a few of our successes:

  • Winner of “The Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year, 2019 Award” at the Recruitment International Awards
  • Winner of “Startup Superstar” at the NSW Business Chamber Awards 2019
  • Currently finalists for “Recruitment Services” at Australia Small Business Champion Awards 2020 (will let you know if we win)
  • Finalists at the SARA awards 2018 and 2019 and RCSA awards 2019
  • Raised funds for the victims of the Bush Fire’s
  • Walked ourselves silly to raise money for CARE Australia’s Walk in her shoes campaign
  • Our annual Christmas drive for Share the Dignity
  • 660 roles filled
  • Database of 25,000 candidates
  • Generated clients now based in all 6 states and 3 territories of Australia for Nursing and Midwifery
  • As well as the successful opening of Age Care division growing client base daily
  • And might I add not only surviving a worldwide pandemic but assisting with essential care services at this time

That’s a wrap on the last three years, time to start casting our minds forward to the next three years. We will continue to deliver Recruitment with Heart and be the best we can be.

If you want to join SustainHealth please reach out to any of our friendly staff, you can find emails and telephone numbers listed on our website “about us” page.