SustainHealth New Team Member: Joyce Lugay

SustainHealth New Team Member: Joyce Lugay

SustainHealth would like to introduce our new Candidate Coordinator, Joyce Lugay, joining our Aged Care Division!

Joyce is a Nursing graduate who fell in love with the Healthcare Industry. She is always been passionate about helping, caring, and showing compassion to her clients. Experienced in both sales and customer service for 9 years, Joyce is a highly motivated individual who loves to influence her positivity at work and to the people, she is working with. She found her purpose and strongly believes customers deserve to experience a “Best-in-Class” service and Joyce is committed to putting job seekers at the centre of everything she does.

Before joining SustainHealth Recruitment, Joyce provided solutions to clients offering a broad range of insurance and comprehensive health insurance products that would suit their needs. She believes that everyone deserves to receive the best health care treatment, and have the luxury to not worry about hospital expenses so that they can focus on recovery and rehabilitation. She is now stepping into healthcare recruitment in order to deliver the best healthcare professionals to services in need. Now, an integral part of the SustainHealth Recruitment team, Joyce is eager to strive and focus on delivering a “Consistent, Reliable, Approachable, and High performing” recruitment service to the health care system within Australia.

When Joyce is not busy in the office she loves to travel, catching up with friends and spending time with her son.

Welcome to the team Joyce! We are excited to have you join the business.

Find out more about how Joyce can help you by contacting her on the below:
Joyce Lugay
Candidate Coordinator | Aged Care
P: 02 8091 0656