SustainHealth Candidate Experience Series: Heidi ICU Nurse

SustainHealth Candidate Experience Series: Heidi ICU Nurse

Thank you again to Heidi, our brilliant ICU Nurse, who deserves to be locum of the month as she has now completed six placements through SustainHealth. Heidi has been a pleasure to work with throughout every placement, and has received fantastic feedback from our clients.

She always has a positive bubbly attitude, is delightful to talk to on the phone, she is happy to share her wonderful stories and recommendations from her travels.

She has worked in many location across NSW and Queensland, she tells us all about the different working styles and climates.

Her favourite thing to do is check out all the local bakeries in the towns she visits.

Heidi has met many different characters on her travels and bumped into old faces in the most unlikely places.


If you would like the opportunity to work, travel and explore this beautiful country then please reach out to Amanda on 0282 744 672 or email

Amanda will be able to match your skills to one of our amazing clients and get you up and running on your own adventure.