SustainHealth say “Yes!”

SustainHealth say “Yes!”

Last week I received a hand dropped letter to my home. The words I read were so heartfelt and courageous that it stopped me in my tracks and inspired me to write this post.

The letter was written by my neighbour about his 30 year relationship.

The couple had travelled the world together after falling deeply in love in their late 20’s. Now close to their 60’s, living here in Sydney, they have not been able to unite legally as a married couple which affects their lives in so many ways.

The pair are happy, in love and have built a beautiful family together, yet are still not able to enjoy the same legal rights as other  people in the exact same position.

Australia is a modern, inclusive and progressive nation. We are innovative, collaborative and culturally diverse. This is the land of “mateship” and the “fair go”. The letter I read last night, that was so carefully hand dropped to my home with love, speaks volumes for the thousands of people in LGBTI relationships across the country, they just want a fair go and the chance to legally unite with their loved ones.

Love most certainly is love and this is an exciting time in Australia’s history. It’s a time for us to have our say and change the future of Australia for generations to come. If you are fortunate enough to be able to have your opinion heard “officially” through the national marriage equality postal ballot, then why not take your chance to pay kindness forward and say “YES” for yourself, your neighbours, your family, your colleagues and your friends.

If you’re not able to cast your yes vote “officially”, you can still get behind this awesome movement. Let’s get people talking, thinking and feeling the love. Connect via your chosen platform, social media, peaceful protest, print media, corporate initiatives or like my neighbour through a simple letter in the mail. Let’s tell our stories and have them heard; “officially” or not people are listening so SustainHealth encourage you to speak up!

Over the coming weeks SustainHealth, along side our sister companies Lotus People and SustainDigital will show our love  for the movement publicly and unite in rainbow colour. SustainHealth are proud to show our support the “YES” movement and are looking forward to a more loving, kind and inclusive future for every Australian.


SustainHealth’s colorful new look in support of marriage equality